25 06 2012


Is there a logical answer to any of these?

Greece is going bankrupt. It is entirely possible that perhaps states can go bankrupt like firms. Serious tensions are underway between Israel and Iran. This is also possible. History is the process of nations struggling with one another. All this and more is possible. However certain preferences of Berlin do not seems consistent. Perhaps one does not need a conscience while running states. Perhaps states are charged only with following g certain rules. Nevertheless, some questions remain.

For, example, it would be good to know whether Germany has obliged Greece with the purchase of German arms in exchange for the free credit that is called various names such as recovery programme conjectural package, etc. The Guardian newspaper has claimed that 15 percent of German arms exports are bound for Greece. Germany is the country least affected by the debt crisis and Greece is bankrupt. Greece asks for free credit to save itself. Germany provides the free credit and imposes the obligation to purchase arms.

Meanwhile, Germany is opposed to nuclear arms but for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Therefore German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle had announced that they were prepared to extend technical support to Iran for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The German foreign minister had said: “Iran has the right to make peaceful use of nuclear energy. In this field we are prepared to give technical support to Iran. Germany is prepared to do all within its power for the diplomatic and political solution of all nuclear issues between the West and Iran.”

With this statement Westerwelle made an important determination and displayed a strong stance. Westerwelle also demanded that Iran cooperate fully and transparently with the IAEO and answer all doubts about its nuclear programme. Should the approach Westerwelle outlined come to be accepted by all sides, the debate over Iran’s nuclear ambitions might be over.

However, Iranian Civil Defence President Gholamreza Jalali has also made an important statement recently. Jalali has blamed the German firm Siemens over the Stuxnet virus which was wrought havoc in the Iranian nuclear systems. Jalali claimed that Siemens had introduced the virus to their systems. Tehran claims that the USA and Israel had developed the Stuxnet virus to hit its nuclear facilities. Tehran further claims that the SCADA programme operated by Siemens provided necessary grounds for the Stuxnet virus and therefore that Siemens is engaged in espionage. Tehran demands to know how the codes for Siemens’ operating system was accessed by Israel and the USA.

Let us leave this to one side. Perhaps it is all one big misunderstanding. In any case we should not derive any conclusions by equating states with firms. But other questions remain. Given that according to Berlin Iran has a right to make peaceful use of nuclear energy, to which end Berlin is prepared to aid it and given that Berlin is not for the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; why does it then actively support Israel’s policies regarding Iran?

Obviously Iran and Israel are enemies. Israel claims that the Iranian nuclear programme is not peaceful. According to Israel, Iran is after producing a nuclear weapon. Furthermore, Iran makes this great offer against Israel. Therefore Israel openly threaten Iran and talks about striking the country.

At this point Germany sold three special submarines to Israel. The submarines produced at the Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft docks in Kiel are capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Israel has further equipped these submarines and made them into floating arsenals. The Dolphin class submarines were mounted Israeli Rafael Popeye Turbo SLCMs. Thus Israel can launch 200 kg nuclear warheads up to a distance of 1,500 kilometres, into the heart of Iran. These claims have been made by the German Der Spiegel magazine.

Should Israel attack Iran, it will use these submarines. In other words, things will play out as follows:

Submarines “Made in Germany” will strike the nuclear energy facilities which received support “Made in Germany” as part of a process managed through diplomacy “Made in Germany”.

On the other hand, Germany of course follows pro-peace and stability foreign policy. other than lending differing degrees of support to Iran and Israel, Germany follows peaceful policies in the Middle East, with one exception. Germany has sold Saudi Arabia 200 Leopard-II tanks. Unless the idea is to hold desert rallies with these tanks, it must be that Saudi Arabia will use them to resolve some issues with its neighbours, such as Iran, through war. This success of German exportation was announced by Die Zeit.

Germany will sell Saudi Arabia between 200 and 270 tanks, despite public opinion surveys finding that 80 percent of the German people are opposed to the exchange. In Germany nothing happens that the people do not want. In democracies people rule the state, not the other way round. These were once important mottos in Germany.

Back in the day Germany would not sell arms to countries it did not deem democratic enough. It demanded to know where and how the arms it would sell would be used. These are things of the past. One wonders how much profit Germany is making from all this. Perhaps there will be another bowl of potato salad on every table in the country and an extra sausage in every plate. Is it worth it? Some might think that it is. Had you forgotten that Germany raised some of the greatest scholars of law and ethics?

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