21 09 2011


It is not possible to look at what is going on Israel and not be surprised. The obsessions of the Israeli administrations are very dangerous for Israel. Israel needs to find itself a new path. Israel needs to reproduce its fundamental policies. Otherwise everything will become worse for Israel.

Israel at present tried to carry on its own course set according to world politics ordered around the Cold War and the conception of “the good against the bad” formulated in the black and white understanding of the era. It is of course natural for its national and religious history to be very significant for Israel. However the concurrence between Israel’s perception of the 21st century world and millennia old scriptures is not enough to analyse today’s world.

Today Israel itself knows that its oppression of Palestine and its occupation policy are not legitimate. Due to periodic circumstances, Israel was produced as a war machine. It was conceived as legion that would pressurise the Arabs in the Arab desert. The world’s richest energy resources needed to be kept out of the USSR’s sphere of influence.

Israel’s security and future are of course very important for the USA and it is good that this is so. However, those sitting on the banks of the Potomac River in Washington D.C., while carrying out their cost-benefit analyses, probably do not view the unhappiness and anger of the entire Islamic world as a viable alternative cost to the security of Israel.

Therefore Israel needs to change, for irresponsible politicians such as Netanyahu are draining the country. By preventing Israel from transforming and developing itself, they are playing a very dangerous game.

More blood need not flow for the future of Israel. For Israel to be powerful no more Palestinians need to die. Bombing more cities does not make Israel more valuable. The “Sabra and the Shatilla” are not among the values sustaining Israel. Those who claim otherwise are no lovers of Israel. They are the ones truly hurting Israel.

Israel needs to rapidly end its embargo on Gaza. Israel should give up all direct and indirect oppression of Palestine. For a lasting and functional peace in the Middle East, the negotiations between Israel and Palestine must necessarily begin.

The “two state model” for a solution must be taken up in negotiations between the parties to the conflict. Israel and Palestine need to be reconciled over grounds determined by such values as the independence of two states, respect for the law, presence of democratic institutions and traditions and the principle of existence in a common future.

There is no doubt that Israel and Palestine can work, produce and live together. Of course most responsibility to this end falls to Israel. By orientating itself towards this goal Israel should choose to produce a new future for itself.

With its present approach, Israel cannot bring about a solution to any of the problems such as borders, settlements, Jerusalem, status, security, immigration and water. Israel’s present uncompromising and ruthless policies will lend Israel no advantage over any of these issues. Israel cannot solve any security problem without reverting to its 1967 borders.

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