28 08 2011


We are in a strange period in history. The globe is experiencing many things which it had not done so before. The new period has a new language. This language includes a lot of subjects.

We are in such a period and are witnessing such events that neither our ancestors nor our descendants would believe what we have experienced. For example, wars and bombardments are being defined as “humanitarian missions”. Bombardments are now carried out in order to “protect civilians”.

The person who gives the order for military operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya is the Us president Barack Obama. Need we remind you that Obama holds the Nobel Peace Prize?

Given that the war in Iraq has liberated the Iraqi people, it was an imperative to protect the civilians in Libya. Yet the same course of action was not necessary for Bahrain, where the government demolished the Shiite opposition. There was little patience for Gaddafi, though there is positive discrimination for Bahrain and limited tolerance of the Assad dynasty.

Perhaps one of the reasons Gaddafi got so much reaction was that he hired mercenaries from neighbouring countries. This could be it, since the Western press had constantly emphasised the detail. Moammar Gaddafi was accused of using mercenaries, especially from Chad, in his operations. I know of another country that uses mercenaries in wars, which even makes contracts with private security firms to this end. But let me keep this secret.

Furthermore, in the Middle East, there are still no clear frames of reference for the concepts of “civilian” and “terrorist”. While the child shot ruthlessly by Israeli soldiers is a terrorist, armed people who fight government forces in Syria or Libya with tactics befitting experienced guerrillas are called civilians.

It is just like Israel still insisting that the massacre it carried out on the aid ship Mavi Marmara was for the purposes of self-defence. Let us wait and see what else happens.

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