19 OCAK 2011

“THE ALLIANCE” DOCUMENTED Southern Greek Cypriot politicians gave support to the ASALA terrorist organisation. ASALA murdered Turkish diplomats with the backing of Greek Cypriot politicians. In other words, Greek Cypriot and Armenian groups were partners in terrorist activities. This outrage has been proven.

Documents emerging from the British secret archives which have become declassified after 30 years contain this information. Thus the fact that a Greek Cypriot-Armenian alliance against Turkey had been set up has been identified for the first time in British documents. This is a very important development in terms of understanding the background to the killing of tens of Turkish diplomats in Europe and the USA during the 1980s.

According to claims by certain circles, the Greek Cypriot–Armenian alliance was not true, it was merely Turkish propaganda. But British documents show us that this was actually the case. As should be clear to all, if there is a claim regarding the matter which is to be found in a Turkish document, it would be just that: a claim. Yet if a western source contains the same claim, then it must be true. Then one does not talk about a claim but about a fact proven with clear evidence.

In a cable sent by the British embassy in Bonn to London, it is stated that “Armenian terrorist who have carried out violent actions against Turkish diplomats in Europe and the USA have Greek Cypriot allies”. The cable is dated 8th of January, 1980. According to reporting in Milliyet newspaper which first featured the story, the British document has a long section on attacks by Armenian terrorists against Turkish diplomats.

A British diplomat reports on a meeting with the German politician Dr. Bensch. The British diplomat asks Dr. Bensch “Who is helping the Armenians”. Dr. Bensch says “the Germans have certain information on this matter”. Dr Bensch also says that “the Armenian groups responsible for the latest attacks are being protected by Dr. Dr. Lyssarides”. In the note attached to the cable by the British Foreign Office, it is emphasised that a comprehensive file should be prepared on the Greek Cypriot politician Lyssarides. It is understood that the said Dr. Lyssarides is Vassos Lyssarides, founder of the Socialist Party in the Cyprus Greek Cypriot Administration. Vassos Lyssarides was by no means an ordinary politician.
Lyssarides, who became associated with the slogan “ideals cannot be killed”, obviously took the ideal of Cyprus’ merger with Greece as the only immortal ideal, as apparent from his politics. Indeed the mentioned secret document underlines that Lyssarides is a radically anti-Turkish. The cable states that the Greek Cypriot politician was taken in to custody in Germany in 1972 for selling explosives to be used against the dictatorship in Greece. It is also mentioned that he was released through the intervention of Makarios, President of Cyprus at the time. The Armenian terrorist organisation ASALA carried out a total of 110 terrorist activities in the 1970s and 1980s, in 38 cities of 21 countries, of which 39 were armed, 70 were bombings and one was an occupation. A total of 42 Turkish diplomats were killed in these attacks.
Four people of other nationalities were also killed. 15 Turkish and 66 other country nationals were injured. Times may change. Circumstances might determine attitudes. What was right in one period may come to be seen as wrong in another. Values and thoughts may evolve and transform. What does the law say to this? Could Christophias examine the relationship of his administration with terrorist organisations upon the emergence of these documents? Could he really?
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Who is Vassos Lyssarides?

Lyssarides was born in the village of Lefkara in Cyprus in 1920. He studies medicine in Athens. During his student years in Athens he became involved in politics. He joined pro-violence organisations which supported “Enosis”; the union of Cyprus with Greece. He joined the ruthless EOKA organisation which was without scruple in killing civilians to this end. Within EOKA he fought the British between 1955 and 1959. In 1959 he participated in the London Conference held to determine the independence of Cyprus from Britain. Both within EOKA and in politics he acted alongside Tassos Papadopoulos. In 1960, Lyssarides was elected to the first parliament of the Republic of Cyprus. Lyssarides founded the socialist EDEK party in 1969, which he led until 2002. In 2002, he was nominated the honorary president of the party.
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Who “Really” is Vassos Lyssarides?

Vassos Lyssarides may be a key name in coming to understand the Southern Cypriot administration. In other words, it would be helpful to take a look at who Vassos Lyssarides is and what his function within the system is in order to answer the questions “what is happening in Cyprus” and “why is all this happening in Cyprus”. Lyssarides holds a special position regarding the presence and activities of ASALA and the PKK in Southern Cyprus, as well as the desired annexation of Cyprus by Greece. For example, upon winning the presidential elections and being sworn into office, the first thing Tassos Papadopoulos of EOKA background did was to send Lyssarides to the Libyan Head of State Gaddafi with a special message. Lyssarides founded the communist wing of EOKA in the 1950s. Known for his Marxist-Leninist stance Lyssarides was also an advisor to Makarios.

During those years in which terrorism was on the rise, terrorists of Greek, Greek Cypriot, Armenian, Kurdish and other backgrounds were being trained in more than 30 camps in Southern Cyprus by Cuban, Libyan, Palestinian and Greek officers. At the time Southern Cyprus supplied arms, which it got from Syria, to Kurdish and Armenian terrorists working to disintegrate Turkey. Lyssarides was responsible for making Southern Cyprus a base of terrorism and coordinating terrorist activities. In speeches he delivered in Athens and Paris in 1976, Lyssarides has said that they were preparing for a new Vietnam war in order to push the Turks of the island. While Lyssarides was rendering Southern Cyprus a stronghold of terrorism at the time, he was aided by Palestinian and Libyan terrorist and agents of Syrian intelligence. Links between Lyssarides and Macid Sharar, Abu Nidal and George Habbash to the same end have been identified.

In the book “AKEL: The Communist Party of Cyprus” authored by American researcher T.W. Adams and published by Stanford University Press, interesting information regarding Lyssarides may be found. Lyssarides had set up the Cyprus branch of the Asian-African People’s Solidarity Organisation (AAPSO). It was Makarios who demanded that contact should be established with this organisation. It has been claimed that Lyssarides, who was then Speaker of the House, had the General Secretary of the AAPSO, who prevented him from rising to a higher position within the organisation, killed during a general council meeting in Nicosia in 1981. The Greek Cypriot press has called Lyssarides “Gaddafi’s man in Cyprus” several times. There were claims that the company Cypro-Libya, located in Southern Cyprus was a cover for certain financial operations and smuggling. In an article written by Alexos Constandinidis, which was published in Southern Cyprus’ Alithia newspaper in 1998, it was claimed that between 1970 and 1980, the Libyan leader Gaddafi had transferred millions of dollars of funds to companies under the control of Lyssarides.

Constandinidis had written that certain commercial ventures under the control of the party had received a commission of 2 per cent from every trade interaction carried out with Libya and that the trade relations between Libya and Southern Cyprus at the time had attained staggering dimensions. Constandinidis had demanded for an urgent investigation into reasons for which Gaddafi would be providing funds to Speaker of the House Lyssarides, especially in light of terrorist activities in Turkey. Lyssarides was using his position as the Speaker of the House during the 80s to send arms, funds and passports to terrorists, who would act in Europe and the USA on behalf of Libya and Syria, with diplomatic couriers of Greek Cypriot Airlines. The claim that the 17th of November terrorist organisation had been founded by Lyssarides and a number of Greek and Greek Cypriot EOKA members was also featured in the Greek press.
The National Armenian Committee gave out its 2001 “man of the year” award to Lyssarides due to his “services to the Armenian cause”. Delivering a speech at the ceremony Lyssarides said of Greek Cypriot-Armenian relations “our relations should be more effective. Turkey does not feel remorse at the crimes it has committed. It is time it has paid for its crimes”.
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